• A visit to Lucky Oak Ridge Ranch

    Before the pandemic had set in, we were still very active members of Harvest Hosts, Boodockers, Staller, and Bed & Bale. During this time, we w...
  • Baking and cooking with various egg types & honey

    Baking using turkey eggs. For recipes that call for two chicken eggs, only one turkey egg will be required as they are nearly double the size. One ...
  • Experiences & Demonstrations

    Immersion Experiences!

    Let us teach about bees at your next school or work event, or sign up for our experiences including basic meat processing & packaging techniques, starting your own homestead bird flock - even soap making - we have a myriad of opportunities for you to partake in.

  • Downloadable Beekeeping Installation Timeline

    Our Be A Beekeeper experience arms you with a myriad of great information and checklists including:

    • Bee variations, types & descriptions
    • Getting your first Hive (Nucs vs. Packages)
    • Start off costs, equipment, and accessories
    • What to expect & when you can get your first harvest of honey!
    • Installing your first hive as well as a handy Beekeeping Installation Timeline
    • Beekeeping Calendar - Monthly Checklist of Tasks
    • So much more!
  • Raw Honey & Sampler Kits Back in Stock!

    Lucky Oak Ridge Ranch may have moved locations (one town over) – but we’ve got some exciting news to share! Our yummy raw honey is back in stock, with more varieties than before! You can guarantee you won't find honey like ours on a store shelf, find out why our honey is especially so good for you!