A visit to Lucky Oak Ridge Ranch

Before the pandemic had set in, we were still very active members of Harvest Hosts, Boodockers, Staller, and Bed & Bale. During this time, we were lucky enough to host many wonderful families, however one in particular had two girls, who quickly won over our hearts (and the animal's hearts as well!). 

My skydiving, RV traveling father was in for the weekend, and it happened to be a  birthday weekend as well. Not only did we share some lovely beers and cake, but got to share pieces of what have now become our more developed, educational experience series. View the post of their time with us here for more pictures and be sure to follow Jeep Travel Family @Jeeplife.Polishwife and @Jeeptravelfamilyoffroad.

While, we have closed our doors for the winter (to remodel at the new location), we're looking forward to many future additions to our place. Our hope is to not only have a designated RV and camper area but, also a future Airbnb style overnight stay cabin. If you're interested, subscribe and check back soon!