Downloadable Beekeeping Installation Timeline

Beekeeping can be rewarding and fun, but also very disappointing if one loses a hive to death, mites or swarming. Our Be a Beekeeper Experience, not only helps you to get informed, but provides you our own created checklists, suggestions, and tips for being successful your first few years. Check out our experience classes here.

Our Be A Beekeeper experience arms you with a myriad of great information and checklists including:

  • Bee variations, types & descriptions
  • Getting your first Hive (Nucs vs. Packages)
  • Start off costs, equipment, and accessories
  • What to expect & when you can get your first harvest of honey!
  • Installing your first hive as well as a handy Beekeeping Installation Timeline
  • Beekeeping Calendar - Monthly Checklist of Tasks
  • So much more!

For a sneak peek - download our beginner's hive installation guide to surviving the first few weeks after install!

Bee Keepers Hive Installation Timeline & Monthly Calendar Checklist