Experiences & Demonstrations

Immersion Experiences!

Let us teach about bees at your next school or work event, or sign up for our experiences including basic meat processing & packaging techniques, starting your own homestead bird flock - even soap making - we have a myriad of opportunities for you to partake in. Check them out below.

Classes typically run from 1-3 hours and vary in cost from $15 - $75 per person. Cost is affected by group size as well as event participation (1-1 demos and classes are available, but will have a higher price per person compared to a group class). 

Soap making costs (along with our other applicable immersions), will include all provided materials. Once sign-up and payment for classes are confirmed, more information will be provided to you along with suggestions for what you should wear/bring.

As COVID-19 restrictions are still in place, if you're interested, please fill out our request form, so we can get back to you about our timeline of events. Photos coming soon!

Beekeeping Demonstration & Onsite Presentation (All Ages)

Our Beekeeping demonstrations are perfect for all ages. As we tailor our demonstrations to our audiences you can choose from a myriad of options including:

  • Interactive coloring kits & books for kids
  • Slide show or hands on demonstrations
  • Tailored presentations, perfect for your next organizational meeting or Earth Day celebration.
  • Ask about our Adults & Kids activity kit add-ons!

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Be A Beekeeper - Beginning Beekeeping (All Ages)
Our Be A Beekeeper experience arms you with a myriad of great information and checklists including:

  • Bee variations, types & descriptions
  • Getting your first Hive (NUCs vs. Packages)
  • Start off costs, equipment, and accessories
  • What to expect & when you can get your first harvest of honey!
  • Installing your first hive as well as a handy Beekeeping Installation Timeline
  • Beekeeping Calendar - Monthly Checklist of Tasks (take home literature!)
  • So much more!

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Soap Making 101 (Suggested Ages: 16+)

This class is a great introduction to those looking to learn to make soap. It is a basic soap making class where we will cover milk based (goat and/or other dairy) as well as non-dairy based soaps. You will get hands-on experience in making soaps, including:

  • Learn how to make soap from start to finish, from scratch or halfway, with easy-to-find ingredients.
  • Learn about additives that naturally add color, texture, and scent
  • You'll also leave with two types of soap that you made on your own as well as follow-up literature on soap making!

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Small Homestead Flock Starting (Suggested Ages: 16+)

Did you know, a chicken bred specifically for meat can be mature in as quickly as 8 weeks? Additionally, diversifying your flock by adding turkey's can provide farm fresh eggs and meat, as well as unique companionship! In this course learn:

  • Basics of selecting a diverse flock.
  • Raising your flock together or separate - the risks you should know.
  • Caring for, and housing your flock.
  • Disease prevention & prevalent sicknesses 
  • Interact with some of our flock!

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Egg Layers 101 (Suggested Ages: 16+)

In this basic Egg Layer flock course you'll learn tons of great fun facts about egg layers as well as:

  • How to select your first flock birds
  • Variations in Egg Layer Breeds
  • Raising chicks into healthy hens
  • Caring for and housing your flock
  • Disease prevention & prevalent sicknesses 
  • Interact with some of our flock!

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Basic Meat Processing & Packaging (Suggested Ages: 16+)

In this course you will learn the theory of the basics of meat processing and packaging for your backyard, homesteading lifestyle. Due to the nature of this course, we will not be doing any live cuts during the demonstration or discuss commercial operation. You will learn:

  • Equipment, Setup & Sanitation Basics
  • Properly dispatching and processing meat including poultry and game 
  • Inspection of meat quality
  • Aging & Packaging

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Wild Mustang & Equine Experience (All Ages)

Interact 1-1 with a recently tamed wild mustang from the Nevada desert as well as meet and ride one of our other horses on site. Experience includes:

  • One-on-One interaction time with a recently tamed wild mustang. This may include petting, brushing, & learning about mustangs.
  • Photographs, printed on site & emailed with our mustang.

Please note - this is not a riding lesson, but rather an experience to allow you to get to know and interact with horses, hear and learn about horse psychology.

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    Future possible class offerings (let us know if you're interested!) :

    • Bread Making Basics
    • Canning 101 & Food Preservation Basics