Raw Honey & Sampler Kits Back in Stock!

Lucky Oak Ridge Ranch may have moved locations (one town over) – but we’ve got some exciting news to share! Our yummy raw honey is back in stock, with more varieties than before!

You can guarantee you won't find honey like ours on a store shelf! We consider all our honey as "raw" and, while we double strain our honey, we want to make sure that as much of the good stuff stays in. You can rest assured Burton’s Bee Squared Honey is 100% natural, raw, and unfiltered (never heated), and has received raving reviews from honey connoisseurs everywhere. It comes as close to from the hive into the jar as it gets – without any processing that happens with store bought honey.

The benefits for you, of course, is that our honey contains all the enzymes, trace minerals, pollen, and propolis that make honey antimicrobial and so healthy! Raw honey is paced with antioxidants and phytonutrients and has been shown to have many health benefits from soothing a sore throat to healing wounds.

Our bees are never used for commercial pollination contracts. Rather, they fly to their heart’s content and thrive on the native plants in nearby fields and flower farms as well as many parks to produce amazing local honey which has been shown to help with allergies.

This year, we have a variety of honey, both creamed and clear. Not sure which to try first? Our honey can be tasted best in our NEW honey sampler kit. It’s premium packaged, which makes for great gifts! Sampler is only available in 4oz jars at this time but the 3 jars includes over 1LB of honey!

Additionally, we’re offering limited batches of artisanal, single-source honey spun from one hive at a time in different flavor profiles. Choices include:
              1. Spring Clover (Light & Clear)
              2. Goldenrod Creamed (Amber & Creamy)
              3. Wildflower Whipped Creamed (Thick Honey Cream from Summer Wildflowers)
              4. Wildflower Summer Crop (Medium Base & Clear)
              5. Fall Harvest (clear, medium base with an almost buttery, subtle spicy after-note)
              6. Autumn Blossoms (Robust & Heavy, Clear Amber)

As a reminder, due to settling, when you open your jar you may see some residual honeycomb, propolis, or pollen. From time to time, however rare, there may be a bee particle. For us, it's a sign that we've done nature right, and kept our honey how we like to eat it best - taking a bite straight from the comb!

From our Hives to your Home - our bees are working hard to bring you the best honey around! Pick some to try before the year’s batch is gone forever!