About Us

Our first-generation, small family-run homestead nestled next to the Rock River and miles of state park trails, is a dream that was always imagined. Accidentally stumbling upon this horse ranch and homestead in need of some TLC and a remodel with green pastures on over 10 acres - how could one resist? Determined, the animals were packed to begin the journey of building and sharing this sustainable homesteading life with others. The hope is to not only promote awareness for the things we love (Bees & Horsemanship), but to also share knowledge of sustainability and living naturally! 

Lucky Oak Ridge Ranch has many new exciting experiences and demonstrations coming your way as part of our expansion onto the new property. In addition to the many new, natural health and beauty products to check out, our ranch will also have a variety of egg types and meat birds for sale. Ask us to find out more!

Homestead Living | The ranch is currently home to a Burton’s Bee Squared Apiary. Burton's Bees is a home operation part of our home residence ranch; our small horse farm and beekeeping locale a few hours west of Chicago. You can guarantee you won't find honey-like ours on a store shelf! We consider all of our honey as "raw" and pure, while we double strain our honey, we want to make sure that as much of the good stuff stays in. This way, it tastes exactly how we like to eat it best - straight from the honey comb! Our honey is never treated or heated, never pasteurized or processed, and always double strained at the time of harvest. It's craft style - meaning each hive produces a single batch of honey, which isn't mixed together like many other bee farmers or large production houses do. Try for yourself today - it is a great gift or treat for yourself. Shop the Farm Stand.

Farm Fresh Eggs Available Now | Our turkey, duck, and chicken layers are exceptionally well taken care of and make the most delicious, farm-fresh eggs. We have given each of them names to fit their individual personalities. Raised without hormones or antibiotics, our laying flock birds get to live outside and enjoy a varied diet full of supplemental veggies, greens, fruits, and bugs, which means their eggs are highly nutritious–and have a taste that is unlike anything you may have tried from commercially raised or store-bought. Have questions on which eggs to purchase – how they taste, or what recipes they work best with? Check out our blog with tips (& recipes) on using your eggs to fit your specific lifestyle.

Humanely Raised Chickens, Ducks, & Turkeys | Additionally, we now also offer antibiotic and hormone free meat birds. They are raised in the most humane way possible, with lots of care. They free-range, outside during the day (weather permitting) and have a chicken tractor and covered barn to return to at night for protection against predators. Currently, we are unable to ship chickens or the eggs, but please reach out to see if delivery or pick up is available. Head on over to our store for details.


Farm Raised - Environmentally Sustainable Living | Our ranch wouldn't be home without our variety of animals & pets. At Lucky Oak Ridge Ranch we pride ourselves not only in our animal care, but also the products we are able to create because of this. Our products utilize therapeutic-grade essential oils and, whenever possible, organic and sustainably-produced ingredients. Bee Squared products, many of which contain our (never treated) honey and beeswax products are perfect for sensitive skin. Additionally, our pure and raw honey comes packaged in glass mason jars for limiting our reliance on single-use plastics as well as to also prevent harmful chemicals from leaching into what our bees work so hard to create.


Stop by for a visit! | We thank you for visiting our little farm website where we’re always open for shopping! We invite you to stop in sometime or ask us questions! Don't forget! We also participate in Harvest Hosts, BoonDockers, Staller and other overnight stays! Additionally, ask about participating in one of our many classes & demonstrations. Make sure to read our blog, check out our Farm Stand, and join our email list.